Arbeits­medizin OWL

The entire team at the company medical centre Dr. med. Hobirk-Kerth in Detmold supports you in occupational health and safety

Contact person:

Company doctor Dr. Barbara Hobirk-Kerth - Detmold
Mrs Dr Barbara Hobirk-Kerth
  • Specialist in general medicine and occupational medicine
  • Specialist in anesthesia
  • Travel medicine (DTG/DFR)
  • Traffic medicine qualification
  • Membership among others:
    • Association of German Company and Company Doctors
    • German Society for Occupational Medicine and Environmental Medicine e.V.
    • German Society for Travel Medicine
    • CRM Center for Travel Medicine GmbH
    • German Society for Internal Medicine e.V.
    • German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine e.V.
Team Arbeitsmedizin OWL - Mrs Olga Schreider
Mrs Olga Schreider
  • Occupational health specialist assistance
  • Organization and coordination
  • Advice and examinations
Mrs Betül Dikmen
  • Organization
  • Investigations
Mrs Diana Strate
  • Organization and coordination
  • Billing
  • Screen specialist advice
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