Effective protection against infectious diseases

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Protection against infectious diseases is important at all ages and in all situations. Special circumstances arise in the workplace if the activity poses an increased risk of infection. In this case, it is the employer’s responsibility to offer vaccination protection. According to the Ordinance on Occupational Health Prevention (ArbMedVV), in this case the precaution is “Activities with a risk of infection” (G 42) (Appendix ArbMedVV ).

Employees are at risk

  • in the care and health sector,
  • in preschool and school childcare
  • as well as waste and wastewater management.
We provide specific advice on the respective occupational hazards and take the opportunity to draw attention to other necessary vaccinations that can also be carried out by the family doctor.

Remember your vaccination card!

Travelling abroad

There are special requirements for business trips abroad.

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Flu vaccinations and vaccination campaigns

We are happy to organise flu vaccinations and vaccination campaigns in your company as part of your company health management.

Measles, mumps, rubella and varicella

Measles Protection Act and
Recommendations of the STIKO 2020

General information on vaccinations

For general information on vaccinations, we recommend the website of the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA):

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