Company medical check-ups ➔ based on the ArbMedVV

Contraception • early detection • prevention

For prevention and early detection of occupational diseases company medical precautions are provided for by the legislator .
Precautionary measures serve to protect the individual health of the employee as well as to provide advice on health in the workplace and personal involvement in the implementation of occupational health and safety measures.
The Ordinance on occupational medical precautions (ArbMedVV) specifies the threats for which precautions are intended.
The risk assessment describes working conditions and occupational safety and thus shows the necessary precautions according to ArbMedVV.
Company medical services for the prevention and early detection of occupational illnesses

Difference between mandatory, offered and desired pension plans:

  • The employer must invite compulsory and optional pensions.
  • The employee
    • Must take part in compulsory preventive care, but may refuse examinations and vaccinations
    • can take advantage of the offer provision
    • may take advantage of desired provision if a risk is possible

Dates of the precautions:

  • The first precautionary measure should be arranged before the start of the activity
  • With exceptions, the second provision is due after 1 year
  • From the third precautionary measure onwards, a period of 3 years must generally be observed
Appointment for company medical check-up
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