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Company medical advice and occupational health and safety when posted abroad

You can find information on accident insurance and occupational health and safety abroad from the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) under the following links:
  • Insurance coverage
    • Foreign insurance of statutory accident insurance
    • International health insurance
    • Other insurance policies
  • Entry requirements, visas etc.
  • Other travel arrangements
DGUV - Well advised abroad
Source: DGUV - Well advised abroad

Occupational health and safety:

Risk assessment of the stay abroad
  • The risk analysis in relation to occupational safety
    • Special features of the destination country
    • Work risks at the destination
    • Risks of accidents at work
  • The medical risk analysis and assessment of the location and the trip
    • Traffic accidents
    • Physical assaults as part of criminal acts
    • Risks of infection
    • climatic and hygienic conditions
    • Health care facilities
      • Emergency care
      • Hospitals and treatment centers
      • Availability of medication etc.
    • Psychological stress
      • Cultural conditions
      • Isolation
      • Separation from family and friends
Creation of operating instructions and emergency plans
  • Help in emergencies
  • Medical care
  • Transportation, return transport
Compulsory precautions by the company doctor after risk assessment
  • Activities in the tropics, subtropics and other stays abroad with particular climatic stress and risk of infection – G 35 –
  • Individual advice regarding the health risks of the intended use, taking into account the individual state of health
  • Vaccination advice, if necessary advice on malaria risks
  • Advice on travel first aid kits
  • Supplementary examinations
  • If necessary. Return examinations

For further information we recommend

Healthy on business trips – travel medical and labor law basics Edited by Thomas Jelinek
Healthy on business trips - travel medicine and labour law basics Ed. Thomas Jelinek
As well as information from the Foreign Office:
Information from the Federal Foreign Office - Travelling safely
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